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Epson EX7230 Replacement Projector Lamp with Housing For Sale Trinidad


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  • Compatible Models: ELPLP78 /V13H010L78 with housing, fully tested before leaving the factory.
  • This is an economical bulb, new type of luminescent electrode, a cost-saving option.
  • 3500 hours life, ECO mode longer life, 3000 lumens brightness.
  • Projector Model: EX7230 EX5220 EX7235 VS230 EX7220 EX3220 EX5230 VS335W EX6220 VS330 EB-S18 V13H010L78 HOME CINEMA 2030 PowerLite X17 PowerLite S18+ HOME CINEMA 725HD HOME CINEMA 730HD HOME CINEMA 2000 PowerLite S17 PowerLite X24+ PowerLite 1284 PowerLite 97 EB-X24 PowerLite 98 EB-S03 EB-W28 EH-TW5200 EH-TW5100 PowerLite 1222 PowerLite 965 PowerLite 99W PowerLite HC 2030 EB-W18 PowerLite W17 EB-940 EB-945 EB-950W EB-955W EB-965 EB-97 EB-98 EB-S120 EB-S17 EB-S200 EB-SXW03 EB-SXW18 EB-W03.
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Product Description

How to extend the life of the projector bulb

1. After the shutdown, only wait for the fan to stop before disconnecting the power.

2. After turning off the projector, wait at least 60 minutes to reboot.

3. Do not disconnect the power directly during use.

4. No more than 4 hours each use time.

5. Make sure there are no obstacles around the projector to allow the projector to dissipating heat normally.

6. Regularly clean the dust inside the projector and the bulb, otherwise the elevated temperature will cause the projector shut down automatically to protect it.

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