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Epson ELPLP96 /V13H010L96 Replacement Projector Lamp Bulb with Housing For Sale Trinidad


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  • Life:Increasing the brightness of the bulb seems to be an easy task,The most difficult thing to break through is how to extend the life of the bulb.
  • Lamp Model: ELPLP96 /V13H010L96 with housing, perfect compatibility to ensure the output of high brightness and clear pictures. 3200 lumens brightness, 5000 hours life, ECO mode longer life.
  • Compatible Models: VS250 VS355 VS350 EX5260 EX9210 EX9220 EX3260 EX7260 EH-TW650 EH-TW5650 EH-TW5600 EH-TW610 EH-TW5400 EB-X41 EB-X39 EB-X05 EB-W42 EB-W39 EB-W05 EB-U42 EB-U05 EB-S41 EB-S05 EB-990U EB-980W EB-970 EB-960W EB-2247U EB-2142W EB-2042 , PowerLite X39 S39 W39 107 108 109W 1286 1266 2042 2142W 2247U 970 980W 990U /Pro EX9210 /Pro EX9220 /Powerlite Home Cinema 2150 /Powerlite Home Cinema 1060 /Powerlite Home Cinema 2100 /Powerlite Home Cinema 660 760 760HD
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Product Description

“Let there be light, and there was light.”

We are passionate about the business of light bulbs. We also always focus on the field of bulb light source systems. Our light source system fields include projector bulbs, stage performance lighting, 3D architectural projection, lighting systems and so on.


The core of products & after-sales

  • The bulb life: The core of our products is to extend the life of the bulb. Because it’s easy to increase the brightness, and many businesses can do this.
  • Production core: The core of our production is to produce big data. Through continuous collection of big data, engineers solved the problems of incompatibility, failure to start, and low brightness. High-quality raw materials are important, but production matching data is more important.
  • After-sales: We will respond to customer problems within 12 hours and solve them quickly. Helping customers solve problems is what we are most proud of.


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