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Note this policy has been developed to maintain safe and secure payments giving the increase in credit card fraud in Trinidad and Tobago., evidence in events that have occurred during transactions.

The measures seek to verify the legitimacy of credit card transactions, preventing unauthorized use of credit cards.

Here is information striving to provide a legit process of a credit card at IT PLUS LIMITED.

Both at the physical store and online e-commerce platform.

  1. At the store: A customer must present ID, if needs be: two forms of IDs. The name on the card must match the name on IDs. A physical observation must be taken by staff of the person, credit card and IDs to verify that it matches.
  2. Registration process: In order to complete a purchase, especially with a credit card, a customer should be registered with IT Plus Limited.
  3. Customer registration offers incentives, like Discounts, Coupons, etc available from time to time. Registration process requires copy or copies of ID, Proof of address ( if needs be by staff discretion )
  4. At the discretion of IT PLUS LTD staff, a customer may be asked to complete a signed invoicing, for online and in store credit card payments. In this case, IT PLUS LIMITED would generate and print /or sent an invoice to customer via whats app or email who in turn would acknowledge acceptance by signing and returning same.
  5. At the discretion of IT PLUS LTD staff, a customer can be asked to send a photo of their credit card showing the last four digits of the credit card, but blocking the first 12 digits, with the name on the card clearly visible.
  6. RED Flags can void a purchase. In case of successful online purchase made having being flagged that prevents purchase completion, a refund can be generated and customer told that the credit card payment process could not be complete. RED FLAG TRIGGERS for examples are: spur of the moment large purchase; a customer in a rush to complete; failure to provide IDs or personal information on request, etc…
  7. Our websites employ SSL certification. This encrypts all data and received and sent, such as customer information, credit payment information, so a customer can feel safe while using, etc.
  8. Our websites employ DDOS: Distributed denial of service. This monitors and control request from IP addresses to access our websites. It can detect bots and deny access to the website. It allows to legit browser to visit. This is a 1 to 5 second delay to an initial access, and is time sensitive, for 30 minutes.

Note this policy can be altered as needs be by IT PLUS Directors, without notice. Thank you




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