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LCD Writing Tablet for Kids For Sale Trinidad


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  • – Handy & Easy to Use: Our LCD writing tablet for kids measures 6.5″ and is a lightweight drawing board that they can bring anywhere! With just one click, they can clear the writing LCD screen, or lock and unlock the LCD tablet.
  • – Less Waste, Less Mess: Reduce your waste at home by throwing less paper in the trash! With the use of our LCD writing tablet for your kid’s practice, you’ll worry less about the clutter on the desk!
  • – Child-Friendly Doodle Pad: This kids writing tablet comes with an eye-protection feature so it doesn’t strain their vision even after hours of use for studying, doodling, playtime, or pastime.
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Product Description

Fun toys create great memories!

Allow yourself to be the best host and fill up those party bags with fun and unique toys from our fantastic range of kid’s party gifts.

Our vision is to provide children with a variety of toys that combine both fun and learning, to make playtime more meaningful and interactive. The designs are classic and enjoyable for any age.

Each pack contains 12 items, ready for filling up those goodie bags to the brim.

So, let’s provide many moments of creativity and fun and give the kids hours of play with Riff Ruffle Goodie Gifts!

Educational Toy and Child-Friendly Device

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Free your child’s creativity, imagination, and abilities using our magic LCD drawing tablet for kids! Whether you’ve got a smart toddler or an older kid, the company of our LCD drawing tablet for kids can be a big help for them to have more fun and learn as well. It’s especially helpful if you want to keep them away from the glowing screens of smartphones or other tablets. Our drawing pad for kids has an eye-protection feature that won’t strain their vision even after hours and hours of use.

Less Paper Waste, Less Mess in the Home

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Whether the family is just hanging around the house or out on dinner, your little one can spend his or her time learning, playing, or both! With the help of our LCD writing tablet for kids, putting their attention on something they can get their hands on is a great pastime that’s both fun and educational. Forget about possibly compromising the health of their mind and vision stuck in front of a glowing screen. Our doodle board is a kid’s version of a handheld tablet that’s safer and easier for them to use.

Upgrade Your List of Party Supplies

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With these 12-pack drawing tablets for kids, they are surely in for a treat! Add it to your list of party prizes, party favors, and Christmas stuffers. You can even use it to entertain kids at a wedding reception party or wrap each one as a gift for the kids in the family, within your circle of friends, or in the neighborhood. It’s a practical kids drawing tablet device, but something that will definitely be memorable.