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Laptop Privacy Screen 15.6 Inch-16:9 Aspect Ratio Computer Monitor Protector, Anti-Glare Blue Light Laptop For Sale Trinidad


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šŸ”’ SUPERIOR PRIVACY: Advanced technologies make screen contents invisible beyond 30 degrees, protecting your information in public.

āœØ MAGICAL DESIGN: Reversible with matte for high clarity and glossy for privacy.

šŸ“ FILTER DIMENSIONS: Fits 15.6″ laptops with 16:9 aspect ratio (Width: 13.6″, Height: 7.6″). Compatible with most brands except MacBooks.

šŸ”§ EASY TO INSTALL: Two methods – double-sided tape or slide mount tab for quick removal or reversal.

šŸ‘ļø EXCELLENT PROTECTION: Blocks 95% blue light and 92% UV light with advanced anti-glare technology.

šŸ’Ž HIGH QUALITY: Made of premium PET material, ultra-thin, washable, water & oil-proof, 9H hardness.

šŸŒ WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Ideal for business travelers, students, healthcare workers, and more in public spaces like airplanes and airports.

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4 in stock

Product Description

Laptop Privacy Screen 15.6 Inch
laptop screen privacy shield
privacy screen laptop Adapted to 15.6 inch laptop screen with 16:9 aspect ratio
Laptop privacy screen 15.6 inch privacy screen protector