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Floodlight LED Lights For Sale Trinidad

  • 💡 High Efficiency: LED Basic Flood Light in 50W and 100W options.
  • Long Lifespan: Lasts 50,000 hours, outperforming Halogen lamps.
  • 🔆 Superior Brightness: Exceptional illumination, less energy consumption.
  • 🌦 Weather-Resistant: Built to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • 🏞 Versatile Use: Ideal for parking lots, parks, and outdoor areas.
  • 💼 Cost-Effective: Unmatched energy efficiency for long-term savings.
  • 🛠 Quality Craftsmanship: Manufactured to high standards for peak performance.

Flood Lights For Sale

Quantity Specs Unit Price
1 50W $175
1 100W $250

Please let us know of you are interested, products status backorder or in stock

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Introducing our LED Basic Flood Light Series, available in a spectrum of powerful wattages: 50W, 100W. Crafted for longevity, these lights boast an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours, which is 13 times longer than traditional Halogen lamps, and offer superior brightness with greater energy efficiency.

Our Economy Model Flood Light stands out in the realm of energy-efficient lighting. It outshines its predecessors in brightness without the high energy consumption. Durability and reliability are the cornerstones of this product, ensuring that it can endure even the most severe weather conditions, from relentless downpours to scorching heat.

This robust floodlight is an ideal choice for expansive outdoor settings, providing optimal illumination for parking lots, parks, facade lighting, industrial areas, recreational spaces, billboards, and a variety of other applications.

Investing in our LED floodlights is a smart financial decision. Their energy efficiency is unmatched, setting a new standard for lighting solutions in the market.

Each floodlight is a testament to our commitment to quality, engineered to the highest standards to guarantee customer satisfaction. Illuminate your outdoor spaces with our reliable, economically savvy LED Basic Flood Light, and experience lighting designed with excellence in mind.