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EU To USA Plus Adapter Trinidad


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IT Plus Code: R5-S1-001

  • Safety: The universal plug adapter is made of safe pure copper conductor and ABS flame retardant material, with high strength, good toughness, no deformation, high-temperature resistance, and no safety risks. Voltage current: 10A / 125 ~ 250 V. Maximum power: 600W
  • Use area: Accept universal plug adapters from many countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan or North America, and other regions of advanced universal plug converters, which is the perfect companion for travel.
  • Purpose: The universal plug adapter is suitable for most electronic devices, such as smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, laptops, tablets, power boxes, digital products, etc.
  • Easy to carry: small and light design, fully meet the travel and out of the convenience of carrying, a small and lightweight plug adapter is a perfect choice for every travel or business.
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4 in stock

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These plug adapters allow:

European/Swiss/AU/UK and China appliances which are 110/120 V-250 V to be used with Type A&B – USA, North Central and Central America and Japan Countries: United States of America / American Samoa / Anguilla / Antigua and Barbuda / Aruba / Bahamas / Barbados / Belize / Bermuda / Bolivia / British Virgin Islands / Cambodia / Canada / Cayman Islands / China / Colombia / Costa Rica / Cuba / Dominican Republic / Ecuador / El Salvador / Guam / Guatemala / Guyana / Haiti / Honduras / Jamaica / Japan / Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Lao / People’s Democratic Republic Lebanon / Liberia / Malaysia / Maldives / Mexico / Micronesia, Federated States of Montserrat / Netherlands / Antilles / Nicaragua / Niger / Palau / Panama / Peru / Philippines / Rep. of the Puerto Rico / Saint Kitts and Nevis / Saint Vincent and the Grenadines / Taiwan / Thailand / Trinidad and Tobago / Turks and Caicos Islands / United States Virgin Islands / Venezuela / Vietnam,Yemen and so on.


  • Color: White
  • Size :(H x L x W) 2.11 inches X 1.6 inches X 1.6 inches
  • Voltage current :10A/ 125 ~ 250 V
  • Maximum power: 600W
  • Features:
  • Small and light, easy to carry.
  • ABS flame retardant material, pure copper. No deformation, safe and reliable.
  • Size: type B