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Blue Light Blocking Laptop Screen Protector, Blue Light Filter for Laptop Screen For Sale Trinidad


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  • Compatibility: Kindly note this blue light filter is ONLY compatible with 11.6 inch PC laptops and notebooks screen or touchscreen display 16:9.
  • Blue Light Blocking: The anti blue light laptop screen protector can block 90% blue ray between 380nm to 495nm for wide range HEV protection.
  • Anti-Scratch: With 5H hardness and through special process, the screen protector is with superior performance to prevent scratch.
  • No Residue Left: No residue leaves on your LCD/LED display when you remove it.
  • Easy to Install. Follow the included APPLICATION STEPS/TIPS and you will get the perfect effect.
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1 in stock

🌟 Introducing our Anti Blue Light Screen Filter 🌟

Are your eyes feeling tired from long hours in front of your laptop? 😫 Say goodbye to digital eye strain and welcome the ultimate screen protector! 🤩

👁️‍🗨️ Protect Your Precious Eyes: Our cutting-edge screen filter is designed to block harmful blue light emissions, reducing eye fatigue and promoting healthier sleep patterns. 😴

📏 Perfect Fit: Tailored to fit your screen flawlessly, it’s like a custom-made shield for your laptop. 🖥️

🌈 Crystal Clear Clarity: Enjoy vibrant colors and crisp visuals while keeping your eyes safe. Our screen filter maintains the brilliance of your display! 🌈

🛠️ Easy Installation: No fuss, no hassle. Simply attach the filter to your screen, and you’re good to go. 💼

🏆 Superior Quality: Crafted from premium materials, our screen filter is scratch-resistant and built to last. 💪

🚀 Elevate Your Screen Time: Whether it’s work or play, protect your eyes and enhance your digital experience with our Anti Blue Light Screen Filter (13.3 inch)! 🚀