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80″ Projector Screen PVC with Tripod Stand 4K Matte For Sale Trinidad


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Screen Material: Polyester

  • Tripod Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Diagonal:80in
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Screen Resolution accommodation: 4K HD
  • Viewing Angle: 160 degrees
  • Stand Type: Tripod
  • Image Area (W x H): 78.7″ x 44.5″
  • Stand Height: 78.7″-98.4″/200-250 cm (adjustable)
  • DM-ABS-80 model
  • UPC  PS8014
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1 in stock

Tripod projector screen,60-110 inch,4K HD 16:9
60″-110″ Tripod Projector Screen
Our portable screen for projector features 16:9 4K HD and a 160-degree viewing angle, providing clear and vivid imagery. So you will enjoy the beautiful movies, pictures, games and spend more time with your family and friends. This portable projector screen with stand is height adjustable to meet your diverse needs. The projector screen and stand are ideal for home theater, meeting room, weddings, and outdoors, like camping and backyard movie night with an aluminum tripod and wrinkle-free polyester surface.

  • 4K HD Vivid Imagery
  • Wide-Angle Screen
  • Height Adjustment
  • Portable & Easy Setup
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Key Features

  • Tripod projector screen,60-110 inch,4K HD 16:916:9 4K HD Projector ScreenWith the 4K HD visual quality and 16:9 aspect ratio, this tripod projector screen creates an immersive experience for you. In addition, the screen is made of premium polyester fiber, wrinkle-free, and easy to clean.
  • Tripod projector screen,60-110 inch,4K HD 16:9160-Degree Viewing AngleThe 60″/70″/80″/90″/100″/110″ projector screen with stand features a 160-degree viewing angle, ensuring clear projection images from different audience viewing directions. Besides, due to its large screen, there is no resolution loss from any angle.
  • Adjustable Aluminum TripodThe tripod stand, built with sturdy aluminum alloy, provides exceptional stability and support to the projection screen tripod. And you can adjust the height within 78.7″-98.4″/200-250 cm for a better viewing effect.
  • Tripod projector screen,60-110 inch,4K HD 16:9Effortless & Quick InstallationThis projection screen stand takes only a few steps to set up, no need for any tools. The tensioning rods make assembling the frame a breeze, and two top clamps can firmly fix the screen.
  • Picture 18 of 74Lightweight & PortableThe upper and lower frames can be folded into four sections, respectively, convenient for space-saving storage. This projector screen stand weighs just 14.3/16.5/17.9/18.5/20.1/26.7 lbs, easily carried to the backyard or auditorium.
  • Tripod projector screen,60-110 inch,4K HD 16:9Indoor & Outdoor UseOur projector stand screen is the most compact and travel-friendly option for indoor and outdoor projection. It is perfect for home cinema, business meetings, weddings, classroom training, outside camping, etc.

Specifications & Features

4K HD Vivid Imagery: With a 16:9 4K ultra HD resolution, the tripod projector screen provides you with excellent viewing conditions and vibrant imagery. The polyester screen’s smooth surface makes for excellent image reproduction. In addition, four black side borders are intended to improve the contrast of the image.

Expanded Viewing space: Thanks to the projector screen with stand’s  diagonal display space, multiple people may watch blockbusters together. Even in a well-lit office, the 160-degree broad viewing angle ensures that there is no glare or lumen loss while diffusing light in all directions.
Height Adjustment: The metal tripod stand that comes with our projection screen tripod ensures stability on a variety of flooring surfaces. Its legs fold up for convenient storage.

Portable & Simple to Set Up: The projection screen stand is simple and quick to set up, whether it’s for a meeting or an impromptu movie at home. Hardware, tools, or specialized knowledge are not needed. You can therefore enjoy an amazing watching experience whenever and wherever you choose.

Broad Use: This projector screen stand is an ideal mobile projection option for personal or commercial use, and it can be used with the majority of projectors. Any space may be converted into a home theater or media room where you can watch movies, watch sporting events, take pictures, play video games, and give presentations.



  • Model: DM-ABS-60/DM-ABS-70/DM-ABS-80/DM-ABS-90/DM-ABS-100/DM-ABS-110
  • Screen Material: Polyester
  • Tripod Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Diagonal: 60″/70″/80″/90″/100″/110″
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Screen Resolution: 4K HD
  • Viewing Angle: 160 degrees
  • Stand Type: Tripod
  • Image Area (W x H): 52.4″ x 29.9″/63″ x 37.4″/70.1″ x 39.4″/78.7″ x 44.5″/89.4″ x 50″/96.1″ x 53.9″
  • Stand Height: 78.7″-98.4″/200-250 cm (adjustable)
  • Product Weight: 14.3/16.5/17.9/18.5/20.1/26.7 lbs